Monday, March 20, 2017

2016 Reader Choice Award Winner!

We here at WeSaidIt: Literary Reviews, would first like to thank everyone for participating in our 2016 Reader Choice Award contest. It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce that our 2016 winner is...
Congratulation L.D. Rose!  

Sunday, February 26, 2017


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Monday, February 20, 2017

Thomas Rottinghaus' "Graywulf"

Title: No Connection
“Graywulf” by Thomas Rottinghaus  

Reviewed by T’s Blogging

Good morning family, friends, and page watchers. Let me take a deep breath before I pour out my soul.
      The first few chapters of any book will either force the reader to continue onward or halt their progression, which forces them to find another read. As for Author Thomas Rottinghaus’ fantasy novel, Graywulf, I fell in love with the first chapter. The written artistry is so vivid and imaginative that readers can mentally visualize Lynch and Ned Roark trudging through a mountainous terrain; they can witness the evil and fear of the two children, and see Ned Roark’s soul leaving his body as he reveals that the magii’ri are coming for Lynch. However, something happened halting my connection?
     I am unsure what transpired along my journey into Rottinghaus’s world, but I laid this book down and picked it up a total of four times over the past year. And each time I was unable to proceed pass chapter three. The first chapter truly stimulated my need to figure out what happened to Lynch, who were the magiir’ri, and so forth. However, chapter two really soiled this book for me. I was so captivated by Lynch that I desired…, no I needed the next chapters to be about that character. Instead, when the story began to discuss Scribes and Nish, I was completely turned off and just could not get into the feel of the novel.
     Although my next statement is unprecedented and so unlike me, I have decided not to rate this book. I’ve also decided to write another review on this read once the connection is made. Call me crazy, but I must finish this read to give an honest review. I ask that the author be patient with me, or simply take this review for what it is worth, which is informational. The excitement in chapter one quickly declined, and though Graywulf is only book one of the series as well as the point that some of the boring information or the foundation needs to be established, some readers are unable to remain connected with such a huge falling-off.  
Until next time. Happy reading.

T’s Blogging 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Bella Jewel's "Til Death"

Title: Publisher Read
“Til Death: Part I” by Bella Jewel  

Reviewed by T’s Blogging

Good morning family, friends, and page watchers. Talk about an odd, erotic novel with the kind of sex most women would die for. Yes, my last statement is a bit cliché, but trust me when I say, Author Bella Jewel has given booklovers something bookshelves have missed.
     Jewel’s main character Katia finds herself married and in love with a man that can’t possibly love her back, because he is so emotionally out of touch. And secondly, all Katia’s husband, Marcus, can offer her is clit throbbing, highly sensational sex followed by a coldness after kissing every inch of her. Very typical of a Dom, or is it?
Til Death, is an easy read, despite the flipping back and forth from past to present, which at first will have readers’ heads spinning. However, as the story starts to untangle booklovers will easily fall into the groove of the story as well as fall in love with Katia—she is such a likable character. As for Marcus, will…, he has this closed off behavior that is oddly exciting, entertaining, as well as magnetic.
Before I give my stamp of approval on this read there’s two questions that must be asked. One, will all erotic tales piggyback off 50 Shades of Grey? And two, do all Dominates have the same dark and sinister backgrounds and demeanors? As an avid reader, I fear that the genre I’ve fallen in love with is becoming predictable.

Nonetheless, I loved this book and give “Til Death” 5 stars.

Happy Reading

T’s Blogging 

Friday, February 10, 2017


E.L. James Sets the Erotic Tone

What's happening to the erotic genre?

Over the years, countless book lovers and critics claim E. L. James’ erotic trilogy was poorly written. Some in BDSM relationships have argued that the movie as well as the novels are nothing more than soft porn and never really summarizes a BDSM relationships. Critics have said it all! Yet, one thing the haters refuse to mention, James is smiling all the way to the bank, because there’s countless people that appreciate and enjoy her kinky imagination.

Of course, there is no way to forget how similar 50 Shades of Grey mirrors Twilight, but let’s not go there. Instead, let’s discuss how so many are biting their nails and wiggling in their seats for the theater release of 50 Shades Darker. Moreover, let’s discuss how James changed the erotic genre and took that section of the book shelf from the boring romance novels to kink.  

The romance genre had become so saturated with the same old storyline that honestly, the books were predictable. But then came James. No pun intended. Oh my goodness, James birthed a genre that opened up the underground world of BDSM. 

People are more in tune with their sexual needs and desires, because of James.

However, some book lovers are suggesting that as quickly as James birthed the genre other authors are saturating it with the same old storylines, the same kind of male dom's as well as the same old clueless women that are turned out. But are the critics, right? Leave your comments below.

Before wrapping this up, all hell breaks loose in book II. Let us know if you enjoyed the movie today.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Paula Hawkins' "The Girl On The Train"

Title: What in the world?
"The Girl On The Tra" by Paula Hawkins

Reviewed by: T's blogging

Good morning family, friends, and page watchers. Please tell me that you had a chance to read or even watch Paula Hawkins' "The Girl on the Train"? If you haven't, you are in for a treat. Talk about a movie filled with twist, unexpected turns, and an outcome that was so far fetched that I had to watch the movie again. 
     Of course, I'm not sure if the movie did the book any justice if you had a chance to read and watch the movie please tell me so. But one thing is for certain, this movie was so entertaining and sporadic that I was dizzy, in a good way, as I tried to decided if the main character, Rachel, was truly a drunken lunatic that lacked self control or something else entirely. 
     As the story unravels it's clear that Rachel is a bit off her rocker, and that's putting it mildly. My judgmental self doomed Rachel from the very beginning. I couldn't help but to view the woman as a mentally unstable person that needed help immediately. However, when the story started to dive into the lives of two other characters, I couldn't help but to think they were all off their meds. But truly I was so far from actually comprehending the depths of the story until I reached the very end.
     Hawkins did an amazing job keeping readers on the edge of their seats as she masterfully intertwined the lives of three different characters while using one common factor. OMG! Folks, you are going to love this one. And ladies, trust and believe you will be able to relate.

Paula Hawkins you've gained a fan. I give "The Girl On The Train" 5 STARS.

Until next time folks.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Jennifer Malone Wright's "Keeper vs. Reaper

Title: Caught Off Guard
Keeper vs. Reaper by Jennifer Malone Wright

Reviewed by: T's Blogging

Good morning family, friends, and page watchers. I have a new series you must get your hands onto. Of course, there's one major flaw, which I must disclose to you before I give this novel countless accolades. I was distraught when I flipped to the last page or listened to the last track on the CD, only to find that there's a book two but was unable to find the audio version. Talk about being bummed! When you're sitting behind a desk for hours keying information, and the one thing I have to look forward to is getting lost in a world unlike none other. Let's just say the rest of my day didn't go as planned.
     Jennifer Malone Wright's, "Keeper vs. Reaper" offers readers a new world. So what's the story about? Well..., there's this family that's responsible for protecting the souls of those roaming inside the graveyard. And the reapers--I'm sure you can imagine who and what they are. The main character, Lucy, discovers something about herself that changes her life, but what does that mean? Unfortunately, you will have to read the book to find out. However, what I can tell you is this, Wright has brought something worth reading and she has gained a new fan, me.
     Coming from a large family with overprotective siblings, Lucy finds herself attempting to prove that she is ready for the responsibility of keeping the graveyard souls safe. Yet, when all hell breaks loose and Lucy becomes involved with the enemy, things get dicey.

An engrossing, compelling read that deserves more than five stars. Written with a new flare offering something fresh to the world of books that readers desire and crave.

I give "Keeper vs. Reaper" 5 Stars and can't wait to sink my mind into book two.

Happy reading folks.

-T's Blogging  

Monday, January 23, 2017

Rhonda Bowen's "Man Enough For Me"

Title: Not My Cup Of Tea
Man Enough For Me by Rhonda Bowen

Reviewed by: T's Blogging

Good morning family, friends, and page watchers. I have to share this one with you. Before I go spilling the beans, can I please come clean about something? Okay, here I go. I sent my cousin, who shall remain nameless, to the library to get a few books, and I specifically told her, "Please do not bring me back any baby momma drama novels," which I am ashamed to admit I used to associate with books from the African American genre. Now, before you go bashing me, I can admit when I'm wrong. And I can even admit that my stereotypical views needed major reprogramming. However, I refuse to lie, it was hard for me to even attempt to read this book until it somehow found it's way in my lap. So what changed? Let me tell you.
     Rhonda Bowen's main character, Jules Jackson is a single, well-put-together woman that is an over-thinker and as one of the most overbearing, up in your business, always has something negative to say mother. And while Jules' mother makes it very clear how disappointed she is about Jules' life and career choice, Jules also struggles with daddy issues. Unknowingly, Jules upbringing plays a big role in her focusing on work and staying as far as she can from any man that rings any warning/proceed with caution alarms. However, there's always that one guy that can slip right between the walls that a woman barricades her heart inside. And in this story that man's name is Germaine Williams.
     To refrain from giving you all the details let me just say, Germaine catches Jules' eye and before you know it, the wall around Jules' heart is down and she is intoxicated by like, lust, and maybe even love. But, in every relationship, or so it seems, something happens and destroys the bliss. Now, the questions that kept nudging me to read more were: will Jules' past issues with trust resurface, causing her to create an issue between her and Germaine? Or is the smooth talking guy really a wolf in sheep's clothing? And guess what? The answers to these questions are awaiting book lovers in this Christian base novel, that is enriched with wholesome and religious metaphors that's good for the soul.
     Although this book taught me that I cannot judge a book by the genre, I have to admit the story does lack in the character and reader connection. I can definitely relate to Jules' issues with trust. However, at times her emotions read forced. For example, if Jules were a real person, and we were friends, I would view her as fake--someone that can turn on and off her emotions at any given time. It is as if the main character's emotions were only surface. Perhaps my feeling stem from the fast pace of the novel, but that may be a stretch.
     Nonetheless, I enjoyed this read. And honestly, I would read more books written by Author Rhonda Bowen.

I give this read 3.75 stars

Until next week.

T's Blogging    
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