Monday, May 15, 2017

Lara Adrian's "For 100 Days"

Title: UPSET!
"For 100 Days" by Lara Adrian

Reviewed by: T's Blogging

Good morning Saints, Sinners, and Page Watchers. Welp, let me cut to the chase. I am extremely upset right now. If you could see me hammering down on my keyboard, you might feel remorseful for my laptop. Okay, so what has my panties in a bunch? Well, let me start with telling you about Lara Adrian's amazing, well-written, must read, attention grabbing story titled,"For 100 Days."

Without giving too much away, the story is about this starving artist, Avery Ross, that has been given somewhat of a life altering opportunity. While house-sitting, Avery bumps into this god..., okay, well he's not a god, but check dig, he is fine. In my mind, he is breathtakingly gorgeous. Please excuse my rant, let me get back to the overview. Avery meets, the well accomplished, Dominic Baine, and though the pair come from two different worlds, there is this invisible force that pulls them together. Yet, with the lies being told, the secrets remaining in the dark, and the fear of actually allowing someone in..., well, let me just say, "There's so many odds against the pair that I don't know how the author is going to make this relationship work between these two characters."

Now that I've shared a brief overview, let me explain why I am so upset. I'm ticked off because, book II, "For 100 Nights," isn't on audio. With me working so much and tended to my growing family. I've been forced to listen to books oppose to reading them. And though I miss the feel of turning each page and reading each word, the life I live currently doesn't allow that. So umm, yeah, I am a little upset that I have to wait until I have time to read book II. Talk about a downer.

I give "For 100 Days" 5 Stars.

Lara Adrian, you have gained a new fan!

Until next time folks.   

Monday, May 8, 2017

Zane's "The Sisters of APF"

Title: Call Me A Soror
"The Sisters of APF" by Zane

Reviewed by T's Blogging

Hello Saints, Sinners, and Page Watchers. It's going on a month and I'm still running through the erotica genre. This week I have some urban fiction that will have your eyes bulging and cause your chin to drop. As you know, this is only my third Zane read, and I must admit, this author has me calling my friends, as if I were on the corner selling newspapers. "EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT!" Yes, it was that good. This book changed my life! And that is not an exaggeration. However, before I offer my two cents let me recap what the heck this one is about.

Zane's, "The Sisters of APF," is about this country bumpkin named, Mary Ann. She leaves her family to attend college in Washington D.C. While moving into her dorm room, Mary Ann meets Patricia, who decides to the newcomer under her wing. After spending time with Mary Ann, Patricia decides to introduce her new friend to The Sisters of APF. Unknowingly to Mary Ann, she is about to bump shoulders with a group of highly educated, goal driven African American woman that embrace their sexuality, and they do so unapologetically. Without giving too much away, which I sometimes do, let me just tell you this.... "Mary Ann's country behind isn't at all who I thought she was, talk about welcome to the big city and let the sexual games begin."

I personally, really enjoyed this book for more reasons than one. As a book lover I was thoroughly entertained, but as a woman I realized that sometimes women coil their sexuality, because of the unflattering stigmatizes that brand sexual women as whores and sluts. Society places this mental bondage on women, which teaches the female gender how they should behave and react toward sex. This one book started me on a quest to not only embrace my enjoyment of the physical action, but to be vocal with what I desire and need sexually. This read also empowered me to share with other women that it is okay to embrace all of you, and that includes your sexuality.  

I give Zane's "The Sisters of APF" 5 STARS,

Happy reading!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Sparrow Beckett & Samantha Cook's "To Have & To Master"

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Title: Innocent & Blushing
"To Have & To Master: Masters Unleashed Series" by Sparrow Beckett & Samantha Cook

Reviewed by T's Blogging

An innocent and seductive tale that will have readers blushing and squirming in their seats. Konstantin, a dominant returns to his home country where he meets Varushka, the woman his grandmother has chosen for him to marry. The story starts off at a steady pace and the author staying true to her work and powerful male characters and submissive female characters.

This enjoyable read plunders through readers imagination. However, author Sparrow Beckett, doesn't offer much of anything different from book I. It's as if the characters are very similar and the plots are like fraternal twins. On the other hand, if the reader were to read book II before reading book I, they would enjoy the stand only novel. My only fear is this, the author has nothing more to offer besides different names and slightly different plots.

I give "To Have & To Master," 3 Stars.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Noir's "G-Spot"

Title: Juicy
“G-Spot” by Noire  

Reviewed by T’s Blogging

Good morning family, friends, and page watchers. It took me only one day to finish this book. Talk about AMAZING! Okay, so most readers will automatically draw a few similarities between The Coldest Winter Ever and G-Spot. However, in truth, the only similarities between the two novels would be the heart and soul both urban authors had while writing their books. G-Spot has this urban flare, with an erotic and sexual tension that is entangled with a storyline that will have you screaming, blushing, and praying as you become so involved.  
     Noire’s invites readers into Juicy’s life, which is filled with hardship, grief, death, loneness, drama, and the need to survive. No surprise Juicy ended up with G, Harlem’s heartless, big timing drug dealer.
       Without giving too much of the story away, I must tell you this, “Do not be like me and assume that this book is only about the sweet spot most woman crave to have touched.” Noire offers more than the obvious. This story was masterfully told and there is nothing I would change—well, except what happened to Juicy in toward the end. It was difficult getting through those last few chapters, but it was indeed sweet after reading the last page.
    Thank you Noire for giving us more than just the same ole’ predictable erotic read.

I give "G-Spot" 5 STARS!

Until next time,

T’s Blogging 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Sparrow Beckett's "Finding Master Right"

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Title: Hooked!
"Finding Master Right" by Sparrow Beckett

Reviewed by T's Blogging

Hello Saints, Sinners, and Page Watchers. It's Monday, and I have another review for you. Last week, I had a chance to read "Finding Master Right." Let me start by telling you that this author has really taken the erotica genre up a notch. When I invited myself into Kate and Banner's dominant and submissive world, turning to that last page was upsetting. Yet, that usually happens when a book lover finishes a great read.

Honestly, I am beyond thrilled that Beckett wrote this story, because folks, the erotica genre was starting to become saturated with romance novels, which were incorrectly categorized. It appears that some authors felt they could piggyback off E.L. James explosion. And round of applause to those romance authors that succeeded. However, just know, by incorrectly labeling your book, you jeopardize crippling a flourishing genre. But then came Beckett.  

From the first two sentences of Beckett's book, the tone is immediately set, and the author never waivers from the kinky and vigor storytelling. Now, this is a short read. But rest assured, it is packed with so much naughtiness as well as vivid details, that the length of the novel is made up by the mental porn. 

I'm sure you're wondering, "Well, T. if it's that good, why did you only give this book 4 1/2 stars?" And my answer honestly would be, there was one major hang up. The character Kate was so uncertain that her back and forth personality drove me crazy. And while some readers may argue that Kate's behavior mirrors an individual that's trying out the BSM relationship for the first time. I would disagree. When Kate was introduced to readers, they are given this impression that deep down she's aware of what she wants, she just needs someone to drag it out of her. So, the hang up is simple, at times Kate's behavior did not always match her personality.

Nonetheless, my erotica lovers, kink is back!!!

I give "Finding Master Right" 4 1/2 stars.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Opal Carew's "His to Claim"

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Title: Short but Decent
“His to Claim” by Opal Carew

Reviewed by T’s Blogging

Good morning family, friends, and page watchers. I truly dread reviews like this one, so please brace yourself for my two cents. Author Opal Carew's novel, "His to Claim," was okay..., but it was missing something. Before I go into explaining my opinion, let me first tell you that overall, this was a good read. The sexual scenes were explicit as well as arousing, and exciting. And though this book is now currently listed under the romance genre, I'm unsure if some of you romance lovers will agree with the classification. So, let's get on with what happened in the story.

There's this woman, Melanie, and she is totally into her boss, Rafe. Due to Melanie's feelings and Rafe's oblivion in regards to her romantic emotions toward him, she quits her job as his secretary, and decides to work at a coffee shop. Talk about strange, but okay, let's go with it. Rafe questions Melanie about why she quit, and her reply was something along the lines of, I want to pursue a career as a freelance artiest, and waiting tables frees up time to do so. After that conservation Rafe and Melanie so happened to bump into each other, and out of nowhere a sexual relationship emerges between them too. Melanie is instantly smitten with Rafe; however, Rafe has some internal issues he needs to work through before he can fully commit to another woman. And though Melanie is willing to wait, temptation keeps knocking on her door.

Overall the story was good. And as I mentioned before, the sexual scenes were extremely entertaining as well as vivid. My issue, however, was how quickly the story was told, which takes away from reader and character bonding. I never found a rhythm with Melanie. And her emotions, including her sexual ones, read as if they were only surface feelings. In essences, Melanie's character was under developed, where's Rafe's character wasn't. 

I give "His to Claim" 3 stars.  

Monday, April 3, 2017

Julie James' "Just the Sexiest Man Alive"

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Title: Blushing
“Just the Sexiest Man Alive” by Julie James

Reviewed by T’s Blogging

Good morning family, friends, and page watchers. Well, it's safe to say that for whatever reason I cannot, for the life of me, stop browsing through the erotica and romance genres. I stumbled upon Author Julie James' novel by accident. Or shall I say it was by fate? Almost immediately, I fell in love with the main character, Taylor Donovan. And could not put this book down. I found myself blushing, giggling, and yelling as Taylor, briefly relocates to L.A. to work on huge case, and finds herself in a mess of all sorts. So, what happened?

Without giving too much of the story away here's a quick recap. Taylor is forced to work with a cocky, gorgeous actor, by default I must add, by the name is Jason Andrews. With women practically losing their minds whenever Jason is seen, he'd developed the idea that he's this irresistible god sent man. And that all women desire to be with him, which includes the head strong Taylor Donovan. As the story unravels readers learn that an issue from Taylor's past, along with Jason's enormous ego and whorish tendencies, keeps her from entertaining the idea of dating a man like him. However, as many of us know, sometimes we ignore all the ringing alarms and find ourselves dating a guy that totally goes against our better judgement. And guess what readers? Taylor is no different. 

Honestly, this was a really great read. For you book lovers that enjoy romance novels without the explicit scenes, this book is for you. This conservatively written novel is charming.

I give "Just the Sexiest Man Alive" 4 1/2 stars.  

Monday, March 27, 2017

Bella Jewel & Lauren McKellar's "Til Death: Part II"

Title: Erotic Part II
“Til Death: Part II” by Bella Jewel & Lauren McKellar

Reviewed by T’s Blogging

Good morning family, friends, and page watchers. After reading Bella Jewel's book one, I could not help but to read book two. OMG moment! As well as a roller coaster ride. Katia is a hot mess and readers will see just how a scorn woman behaves, what she looks like, and just how far she’s willing to go for the sweet taste of revenge.

While Part II picks up perfectly where Part I leaves off, I promise, readers will be shocked by how different Katia is. It’s as if she did a complete 180. And honestly, booklovers will be applauding her strength as well as become frustrated with her inability to see pass the betrayal. 

Instead of Katia being this venerable woman, Marcus slips into that role and that makes for a very interesting change.

Author Bella Jewel and Lauren McKellar stay true to the cheek flushing erotic sex scenes and the fast pace of the story. Honestly, there is nothing that could be added or taken out of this novel. I was excited by the many chin-dropping sections and innocent humor. Readers grab a tissue because Jewel and McKellar will demand it!

I give Til Death Part II 5 stars 

Until next time,

T’s Blogging 

Monday, March 20, 2017

2016 Reader Choice Award Winner!

We here at WeSaidIt: Literary Reviews, would first like to thank everyone for participating in our 2016 Reader Choice Award contest. It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce that our 2016 winner is...
Congratulation L.D. Rose!  

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